Winter Gloves To Prevent Frostbite


Whether you’re a construction worker, a power-line technician, or a fisherman – all outdoor workers need good quality winter gloves to keep their hands warm. The primary culprit of winters is frostbite. It can severely damage your fingers and hands within five minutes in extremely low temperatures.

Frostbites are serious!

Frostbite is a treatable but potentially severe condition that affects the skin. It happens when a body part isn’t adequately covered when you’re outside in freezing temperatures.”

According to the National Safety Council, Frostbite is the most common injury in winters, and it usually occurs on fingers, toes, nose, ears, cheeks, and chin.”

It can damage your body parts permanently and can lead to the risk of amputation. Just like burns, frostbite can cause discoloration, prickling sensation, numbness, and blisters in your affected body parts. In severe cases, workers can experience tissue death, known as necrosis.

How to prevent frostbites in winter?

The best preventative measure to protect your hands in the winter is winter leather gloves. You can choose mittens too. But unfortunately, mittens don’t support dexterous hand movements, so they’re not a practical solution for outdoor works.

Here are three key features you should consider to buy winter gloves:

  • They should be water-resistant and wind repellent.
  • They must have insulation liners (to trap air for warmness) and moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • They must provide a good fit and comfort.

Winter Leather Gloves At The North Star Fur

At North Star Fur, you can find a wide selection of winter gloves to combat the cold in mild and extreme conditions. Our winter gloves provide various protective functions, including:

  • Extreme condition insulated protection
  • Impact protection
  • Abrasion protection
  • Waterproof insulated protection
  • Gripping capabilities in wet and dry applications

Are you equipped with the right winter glove to protect your hands from cold temperatures, frostbite, cuts, abrasions, and punctures? If you need help, the North Star Fur experts can help you choose from the best wholesale winter gloves!