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Wholesale Deerskin Gloves
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Thanks for stopping by North Star Fur and Trading. Our history begins in 1977 when we started trading raw furs throughout the upper Midwest and sharing them to various parts of the world. Our friendships enable North Star Fur to trade a wide range of products, including wholesale deerskin gloves. We are an industry leader in the importation of wholesale deerskin gloves, with over 10 years of experience.

North Star Fur has the wide variety of wholesale and bulk gloves and mittens you’ve been looking for. From wholesale elk and bison leather gloves, the best winter gloves, street bike and riding gloves, ski mittens, Thinsulate gloves and mittens and the best work gloves to information for fur harvesters and deer hide collectors you’ve come to the right wholesale glove and mitten source.

Whether you need 10 sets of gloves or 10,000, we will make sure to get you what you need. We are your source for wholesale gloves and mittens. We specialize in deerskin, elkskin, bison, cowhide, motorcycle, biker and ski gloves along with Thinsulate and hockey mittens.

Client testimonials

Gary Curtiss

I’m impressed! I ordered 2 pair of dear skin lined gloves on Monday Nov. 21 and received them on Friday Nov. 25. These are great gloves and the service I received is tremendous! Rest assured i will continue to do business with Northstar.

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