4 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Wholesale Leather Gloves


A little knowledge about gloves can go a long way. In this blog, we will be describing the most common mistakes that you must avoid while purchasing leather gloves:

1. Don’t stick to the trends – If you’re purchasing gloves to keep your hands warm during the winter, we recommend you to opt for deerskin leather gloves. Investing in trendy gloves, like satin gloves will not solve your purpose of protecting your hands from frostbite in winter.

2. Don’t buy the wrong size – Nothing is worse than buying a pair of too tight or baggy gloves. Before you purchase any leather gloves, make sure they snug your hand completely and have the ability to stretch to fit your hand correctly. You can find the right glove size by measuring your hand.

3. Buying glove with too much protection – When you’re choosing work leather gloves, consider these factors to make your decision:

  • The type of job for which you need gloves
  • The job risk you’re experiencing
  • The protection you regularly need on your job

Once you figure out these things, you can always purchase the gloves from the North Star Fur website as per your requirement.

4. Choosing the wrong material – Choosing the wrong material gloves can be a massive mistake that one can make during the winter season. You can find gloves in various materials, but if you want to protect your hands from frigid winter, we recommend choosing leather gloves, such as elksin gloves and deerskin gloves. These leather gloves are the most preferable in winters due to their dexterity, durability, cut-resistance, and many other features.

At North Star Fur, we offer wholesale winter gloves that provide optimum safety to the outside workers. We are proud that our leather gloves have an outstanding balance of all the necessary features, including comfort, dexterity, and sung fit. Explore our collection today!