Finding The Perfect Fit In Leather Glove

Perfect Fit In Leather Glove

The leather glove is now in trend as everybody loves owning it and finds pride in wearing it and showing it off. Leather gloves are available in numerous brands but if you are an avid leather glove lover, you would always buy a glove pair that fit you right.

Why Should I Prefer the Perfect Fit?

“If you are lucky, you may end up owning a perfect fit right off the shelves of the market. But, in reality, it happens to one in a million, and the rest of us have to hunt for the perfect fit.”

Why should you go through all those troubles to find the perfect fit glove?

A little dangling glove would not make you look awkward. But, it would make you uncomfortable while you are using it in the long term. In certain cases, the grip of the glove would be compromised when you have a misfit glove, which might lead to serious accidents if you are looking for a biker glove, a weight lifting glove, or a glove for a mechanic. A misfit glove can cause serious problems to the tissues and even the bones of your hand.  This is more common in gloves, where a specific area of your hand gets squeezed in.

Top Indications of a Misfit Glove

It doesn’t take an expert to know that you have a misfit glove. If the glove makes you feel uncomfortable, you have a bad pair in hand. Other top indications of such gloves are

  • Misplacing of wrist closure
  • The tightness of thumb crotch
  • Short or long fingers (irregularity)
  • Material sticking to your skin, creating friction during movement

Keys to Find the Perfect Fit

Here are the three main criteria to consider if you are looking for a perfect glove:

The material of the glove

The main advantage of a leather glove is that it is stretchable and durable. You need to choose a good leather material if you are planning to have a good fit.

The purpose

Using a biker glove for a weightlifting purpose or a less friction glove for a weightlifting purpose and so on can cause misfit. If you are planning to wear the gloves during a warmer climate and expect the leather to not stick to your skin, a deerskin leather glove would be a perfect fit. Surf about your requirements and choose the right glove. This will help you get the perfect fit.

Brand name matters

A perfect fit comes from the flawless manufacturing process. Only a good brand can provide you a good glove, which would fit you right. Moreover, reliable brands will have a long-range of different sizes and styles for you to choose from. Beyond just small, medium, and extra-large, you can find special sizes only in reputed specialist brands. You can always trust North Star Fur as we are your source for wholesale gloves and mittens.

Keys to Make your Leather Glove Fit Well

In most cases, it is hard to find a glove that you love as well as fits you well. If you are planning on choosing a leather glove, which is imperfect, you can always train leather. So, what to do with a glove that you brought and is a misfit? Here are the three main keys to such a scenario.


If your gloves are too tight, you cannot expect stretching to do wonders. If the gloves are a little space cramped, you can always stretch them out regularly. Remember that a cheap glove would tear off with rigorous stretching.

Wet and train

If the size is not the problem but the grip and circumference are quite not up to your expectations, it is time to take up the age-old tradition. Soak the gloves in water for 15 minutes. Wear latex gloves on your hand and wear the soaked glove over it. The latex is just to keep your hand from getting pruned up with water. Now, ride a cycle or workout. As the leather dries, it would tend to work around your control to give a better fit. Try it regularly until you feel it is the right fit.

Stuff and size

So, what to do if your index finger is a little longer than a regular hand? Not all fingers of all Homo sapiens are similar. So, if one of your fingers is longer or stout, you can always try the stuffing method. Take a newspaper and stuff it in the finger, which you want to make it bigger or longer. Place the glove in water for 30 minutes. Take out the glove and remove the damped newspaper from the finger. Do it three or four times. The amount of stuffing should be similar to the size you want it to expand.

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