Buy Deerskin Gloves Wholesale

Buy Deerskin Gloves Wholesale

Wholesale Deerskin Gloves
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Not many items can be bought at a price point that you can keystone your money these days. Fortunately North Star Fur has the perfect luxury item for companies or individuals to double their money with. Those items are hand armor deerskin gloves. 

Deerskin leather mittens and gloves are tried and true. They are soft and supple but wear like iron.  They are known to conform to your hand but still retain their integrity.  Around the globe deerskin and elk skin leather is associated with strength and durability. Customers are amazed they can buy such a great product at a reasonable price.  North Star Fur is the at the forefront of the production so they are able to cut out the middle man markups and deliver excellence at an affordable price.

Stores that  have success with our deerskin gloves and mittens range form big box retailers to family owned business. North Star Fur has deerskin and elkskin glove and mittens for all occasions.  For example, the farmer mending fence won’t leave home without a pair elkskin driving gloves to protect his hands, while the office executive makes sure to pull his luxury deerskin driving glove lined with Thinsulate from his briefcase on those blustery winter days. North star Fur also has a wide variety of deerskin, elkskin, and buffalo mittens and ski gloves for the winter sport enthusiast.  Call or email and speak with one of our friendly sales coordinators to get your company started selling Luxury Deerskin Products today.

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