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North Star Fur has a wide variety of deerskin motorcycle gloves, leather riding gloves, cold weather gloves, Thinsulate gloves and mittens, gloves for mechanics, ski mittens, fingerless gloves, driving gloves for men and women and so much more.

North Star Fur sells gloves by bulk and at wholesale prices. Whether you're looking for wholesale leather gloves or the warmest gloves around, we can customize any order.

Hand and wrist injuries account for over fifty percent of workplace accidents and most are preventable! Using the correct hand protection product is critical, and that is why North Star Fur offers a broad selection of products in nearly every glove application category. The right gloves can offer protection from abrasions, cuts, chemicals, or countless other workplace hazards. While looking over the North Star Fur styles on our website and before making your final choice of a glove, be certain it matches your workplace application.

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