• Get the warmest gloves for the winter! We have the perfect solution if you're looking for the best winter gloves. From Thinsulate gloves, best cold weather motorcycle gloves to ski mittens, we've got you covered.
  • Durable gloves that will last through the job. You work hard, so you depend on a good pair of gloves. Our men and women's work gloves are made from fine leather. Glove crafted from deerhide, elkhide and so much more. Tough gloves for hard work.
  • We have the best bike gloves around! Whether you're looking for driving gloves for men or women, fingerless biker gloves, cruiser gloves, street bike gloves or driving gloves, we have what you need.

Welcome to North Star Fur & Trading

North Star Fur and Trading

North Star Fur has the wide variety of wholesale and bulk gloves and mittens you've been looking for. From wholesale leather gloves, the best winter gloves, street bike and riding gloves, ski mittens, Thinsulate gloves and mittens and the best work gloves to information for fur harvestors and deerhide collectors you've come to the right wholesale glove and mitten source.

Whether you need 10 sets of gloves or 10,000, we will make sure to get you what you need. We are your source for wholesale gloves and mittens. We specialize in deerskin, elksin, bison, cowhide, motorcycle, biker and ski gloves along with Thinsulate and hockey mittens.

With over 40 years of importing and exporting products, North Star Fur & Trading can make the process simple.
Buy Bulk Gloves and Mittens

We have a wide variety of gloves you may want to purchase in bulk or as a single pair:

  • Best cold weather motorcycle gloves
  • Best bike gloves
  • Driving gloves for men
  • Driving gloves for women
  • Fingerless biking gloves
  • Street bike gloves
  • Warmest gloves
  • Thinsulate gloves and mittens
  • Protective latex gloves
  • And many more!
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December 10th 2013 -- Nicks Corner Bar -Hibbing -Minnesota         12am-6pm

December 11th 2013 - Charlie Worrath's House     35653 Johnson Road    Deer River Minnesota     8am